The stars of MKDTC

The four-legged members of MKDTC come in all shapes, sizes and vary in ability from complete beginners to those making their way through the Kennel Club’s agility grading system. Some of our dogs train just for fun, while others take it a lot more seriously competing every weekend and some even stepping into the ring at Crufts.

Meanwhile, the MKDTC dogs have to put up with their handlers. Again they range from complete beginners to those who really know what they’re doing – although we’d never admit that to our four-legged friends. They think they could do a course without us and we’d never really let them know the truth!



  • Registered name: Smiley Miley Moon
  • Handler: Di
  • DOB: 17.08.2008
  • Breed: Sprocker (Springer x Cocker Spaniel)
  • Likes: Agility, playing with his mini space hopper, any kind of food and eating horse poo at training
  • Dislikes: Rain – although he loves swimming – and getting his contacts as they slow him down

Milo came into my life when I met his mum at Finmere market, I was told he was from an accidental mating and was the last dog left, but not the runt. I met and collected him on fireworks night and he travelled to our home on my friends lap from Oxford. Milo and I started agility in 2009 and in 2013 we won the semi’s at the starters cup at KCI, as well as coming second at the finals of Starters at Discover Dogs. In 2013 we also progressed through the grades going from Grade 1 through to Grade 3!


  • Registered name: Pick a Poppette or Two
  • Handler: Christine
  • DOB: Probably mid 2001 although I put it as January 2002 – the year I rescued her
  • Breed: Jack Russell x
  • Likes: Footballs and food
  • Dislikes: Mud, rain and the cold

I rescued Pops in June 2002 – they told me she was about a year old, but she was tiny like a loo roll with legs and big ears! She was difficult to train as she has been on the streets for a while and had been maltreated (she still has the scars). I had already been doing agility with my terrier Bryn so I thought it would be great for her; she took to it really well and despite being handled by me, she has done me proud getting to Grade 7. During her career she has been in both the KC Starter and Novice finals – placed fifth in the Novice final – she has qualified and been placed in the DARL Finals as well as the DINAS Finals, but best of all she has qualified for Crufts five times and in 2012 finished third in the Small Circular Knockout. She is winding down now and will, unfortunately, after her latest injury probably retire from full time competition but I’ll still train with her as long as she wants to and even enter the odd agility class.



  • Registered name: Cumbreck Turbo Tim
  • Handler: Christine
  • DOB: 23.09.2010
  • Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
  • Likes: Agility and running
  • Dislikes: Collies, squirrels and getter his contacts

I travelled to Cumbria to collect CiCi – I had been on the waiting list for one of these Cumbreck Terriers for a while and from the litter I asked the breeder for one that she thought would suit agility, and to give him a name to match – she certainly did as he lives up to his name! I have found it difficult to adapt to running CiCi as I don’t want to slow him down! So we are both still work in progress but when we get it right we win – shame that doesn’t happen often, but in 2013 he managed to win in to Grade four (he was supposed to stay in Grade 3 for the year!) with three jumping wins, he also qualified for the Brillo International Bounce Final and to top it all Su (running for me as I had sprained my ankle) won him into Grade 5! I’m looking forward to the next few years as I feel we’ll get it together soon and I’ve told him he’s my Olympia dog so there’s no pressure!


  • Registered name: Henbont Lucia
  • Handler: Robin
  • DOB: 07.07.2011
  • Breed: Working Cocker Spaniel
  • Likes: Any outdoor activity
  • Dislikes: Inactivity

Jessi and I started agility in October 2012 as she is a dog that loves activity and particularly working. She took to agility with enthusiasm and picked up quickly on what she was being asked to do, but still has to get her head around the weaves. She is bred from field champion gun dog parents and every gene in her wants her to be flushing and retrieving, so I giver her plenty of gun dog exercises to satisfy her genetic instincts. However much work she gets she still comes back for more so we started agility to give her, and me, an added interest and we look forward to competing in the near future.



  • Registered name: Garlouchi Calypso Kate
  • Handler: Bex
  • Age: 26.07.2008
  • Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Likes: Food – especially cheese and prawn crackers, agility, walks and snuggles
  • Dislikes: Not being allowed food, being brushed and the rain

Millie and I started agility training in 2010 and after a difficult start with Millie not wanting to jump we very nearly gave up. However, we persevered and completed our beginners course improving greatly and eventually started competing in 2011. Since then we have won and been placed in numerous competitions and have started a growing collection of rosettes and trophies. In 2014 we won out of Grade 1 and at our first Grade 2 show we won out and are now Grade 3!


  • Registered name: Sir Digalot
  • Handler: Nic
  • DOB: 08.02.2005
  • Breed: Border Collie
  • Likes: Agility and flyball
  • Dislikes: Waiting his turn

Having started agility at 12 months-old he spent most of his first year injured so didn’t start competing until he was three. Having finally sorted himself out Baz has turned into the ultimate agility dog (though sometimes a little too keen). Bazil has qualified for many finals and in 2011 won the Dog Agility Rescue League Final. He now competes in KC Grade 5 and UKA Senior/Champ. He is getting on a bit now but I’m hoping this year will be his year as we get back to training.



  • Registered name: Master Mutton
  • Handler: Nic/Brian
  • DOB: 30.09.2007
  • Breed: Border Collie
  • Likes: His ball
  • Dislikes: People with flappy hands and hitting the contact on the dog walk!

Alf is the goof of the family and always a pleasure to run. I took my time with his training as all of Bazil’s wins meant Alfie had to start his career at Grade 3, and being deaf, this meant I had to learn to keep up! Alf is fantastic but we always seem to have a silly five faults in competition, often as he is too fast. My partner Brian has now started running him and they managed to win into novice steeplechase so I think I’ve lost my dog!


  • Registered name: Jardinlau Pixie King
  • Handler: Abbie
  • DOB:
  • Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
  • Likes: Running in the park with a stick
  • Dislikes: Loud noises and the sea-saw

Pixie and I started agility so I could gain some control. She is a free spirit and once off her lead she is in her own little planet and loves to run! Since we started a couple years ago she has grown with confidence massively, as she can be quite a nervous dog sometimes. She now has a great sit and wait and she loves nothing more than flying up and over the A-Frame.



  • Registered name: Lord of Bedford
  • Handler: Abbie
  • DOB:
  • Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
  • Likes: Lying on his back and getting his belly scratched
  • Dislikes: When Pixie has the ball

Herbie is a newbie to the agility word, but is certainly a keen bean. Herbie is a lot easier to train than Pixie and already has a great sit and stay. We only started this year, but he is very confident and does ANYTHING for food! He has a lovely nature although can be slightly stubborn and a rather round belly so agility will only do good things for him.


  • Registered name: Magnificat Dinnetz Boy
  • Handler: Barbra
  • DOB: 31.05.2004
  • Breed: Parson Russell Terrier
  • Likes: Toys!
  • Dislikes: Anything he doesn’t agree with

Dino was a rescue dog who introduced us to agility (we needed something to occupy his very active brain!). He progressed well and we worked our way up to Grade 5. Dino loves every minute of agility, although he has his own ideas about the runs and we don’t always agree! He’s a great agility dog.



  • Registered name: Sable Cracker
  • Handler: Barbara
  • DOB: 22.11.2011
  • Breed: JR Pomeranian X
  • Likes: Food
  • Dislikes: Nothing, just a bit nervous sometimes

Maya is a rescue dog who had a very bad start in life, so hyper and noisy. She loves agility training, is very fast so keeps me on my toes, probably drives everyone mad with her noise and unauthorised run abouts! She’s very loving and I’m hoping she will be a good agility dog once (if!) she settles down!


  • Registered name: Catch a Star/Springsett Midnight Star WCSC WCAP UWAC CSC5 CAP2
  • Handler: Tracey
  • DOB: 2003
  • Breed: GSD X
  • Likes: Squeaky toys
  • Dislikes: Other dogs

Star came as a foster dog in 2004 and never left. Although never the fastest she was consistent and qualified for several finals; winning Arden Grange Starter dog of the year in 2007 and came second in the DARL finals in 2011. In January 2013 she finally won me out of Grade 1 and retired from full height at the UKA Grand finals in December, where she came third in the KO – fitting end to her career.



  • Springsett The Doctor
  • Handler: Tracey
  • DOB: 06.2011
  • Breed: Kelpie X
  • Likes: Everything!
  • Dislikes: Yet to find anything

Vali is my absolute dream dog and I finally have a dog with speed and drive, I just need to learn to handle him! In his first season he won into Grade 3 KC and Novice UKA. I just love running him no matter what happens we always have fun.


  • Registered name: Jump Jive and Waggle
  • Handler: Tracey
  • DOB: 06.2005
  • Breed: Working Cocker Spaniel
  • Likes: Food!
  • Dislikes: Other dogs

Ozzy would much rather have his head down sniffing than doing agility … What more can I say?!



  • Registered name: Highland Harris/Spit The Dog CSC5 WCSC
  • Handler: Steve
  • DOB: 2008
  • Breed: Terrier X
  • Likes: Chasing anything and everything
  • Dislikes: Men

Harris came to us as a terrified rescue dog, especially of men, and I couldn’t get near him for four months. With a lot of hard work and patience he has become a cracking dog. He is now Grade 4 KC and Champ UKA.


  • Registered name: Javidel Zece
  • Handler: Alan
  • DOB: 06.08.2006
  • Breed: Weimaraner
  • Likes: Agility, radiators, chasing rabbits, cuddles and cheese
  • Dislikes: Watching other dogs do agility, the vet and rhubarb yoghurt

Having lost Hudsons’ uncle far too early, I was determined to do well with Hudson. However early training came to a halt when he severely damaged a paw, which put us out of action for a year. Since coming to MKDTC (from the north) we have prospered and won through the grades to Grade s6. He is my best friend and partner.



  • Registered name: Owanhill Reggie
  • Handler: Su
  • DOB: 16.08.2006
  • Breed: Border Collie
  • Likes: His mum, camping, going fast and licking.
  • Dislikes: Fireworks, Casper – my parents dog – loud noises and puppies

Reg could be fantastic at agility if he took more care. He does everything at 100mph and doesn’t always listen, but when we get it right he is amazing to run. He’s easy to live with but is a bit of a loner and takes himself off to a quiet corner when at home, or will climb all over you and lick you. He is Grade 5 and averages about two clear rounds a year so if we get a round with five faults I am pleased with it. I am hoping with old age he will become less erratic and more careful.


  • Registered name: Cloudtenn Magnum
  • Handler: Su
  • Age: 03.01.2010
  • Breed: Working Cocker Spaniel
  • Likes: His Mum and food
  • Dislikes: The vets, being left out and being hungry

Herbie is a great dog to live with, loves his cuddles and likes nothing more than a weekend agility show so he can sleep on the bed. He likes going out in the car and shouts the directions from the boot! He has been quite easy to train and loves his agility, he needs one more agility win to be Grade 7.



  • Registered name: Cloudtenn Excelso
  • Handler: Su
  • DOB: 24.10.2012
  • Breed: Working Cocker Spaniel
  • Likes: My collie Maggie, toys, chasing Reg
  • Dislikes: The vets, being left out and being hungry (bit like his older brother!)

Gillie is Herbie’s younger brother. He believes he is a Border Collie and drives the Collies mad chasing them. All toys are his! He is lovely to live with, very alert and extremely clever, teach him something once and he remembers it. He likes to out-scream his brother in the car – how do they know the difference between car journey to training or a walk and a long trip to family? He has just started his agility training and hopefully will start competing in the summer 2014.


  • Registered name: Belamour Royal Commander
  • Handler: Jennie
  • DOB: 01.10.2007
  • Breed: Toy Poodle
  • Likes: Food over toys and doing agility and lots of walks
  • Dislikes: Boxer dogs and getting wet

I’ve had Rodney from when he was eight weeks old. He’s always been very keen to learn especially when it comes to agility, which he picked up very quickly. He’s a joy to run at shows and train, but when I get it wrong he barks at me continually.



  • Registered name: Dakata Red Admiral
  • Handler: Jennie
  • DOB: 16.12.2009
  • Breed: Toy Poodle
  • Likes: Jumping and having a good run round the field
  • Dislikes: Hearing me shout at home, Norman’s (my husbands) loud sneezes and being groomed

Like Rodney I got Chesney when he was eight weeks old, but unfortunately at nine months he dislocated his left hip and had to have it removed. 14 weeks after his op and just three weeks back into agility training he fell off the dog walk and broke his right front leg, which had to be pinned and plated. He loves a cuddle and running in the field. But he can be a real Diva!


  • Registered name: Penling Teddy Boy
  • Handler: Jennie
  • DOB: 09.10.2005
  • Breed: Miniature Poodle
  • Likes: He is aptly named as anyone can cuddle him like a teddy bear
  • Dislikes: Grooming of any sort and when I get the grooming bag out of the cupboard he hides in his cage!

What can you say, Syd is Syd! He’s a strong character with a mind of his own. We started competing and spent the first three years running amok around the show rings! Anyone who has a naughty dog in the ring at shows, be patient it will get better – Sydney is proof of this!



  • Registered name: Velvet Artemis
  • Handler: Kerry
  • DOB: 21.03.2010
  • Breed: Black Lab
  • Likes: Food of any kind
  • Dislikes: Going to the vet

Inca is very bright and took to agility quickly resulting in us being placed at a few competitions. We love spending winter weekends out on a shoot picking up game birds, which she is also quite good at, although sometimes gets too excited and forgets to listen out for my whistle! She loves swimming, tennis balls, long walks, the beach, laying in front of the fire, oh and did I mention eating?!


  • Registered name: (not registered as yet)
  • Handler: Nikki
  • DOB: 05.07.2011
  • Breed: Cockapoo
  • Likes: Cuddles, walks and chasing squirrels
  • Dislikes: Getting up in the morning

Tiggie and I started agility in September 2013 after having a taster session at a game fair in Warwickshire. At the Christmas fun competition, Tiggie went clear in the Agility section and was so proud of her rosette she wore it home for a photo session. She would have gone clear in the Jumping if I had kept up and not been in wrong place, which resulted in Tiggie jumping the right fence but in the wrong direction! We’re hoping to start competing later in the year. Tiggie loves the equipment we need to work on our contacts.



  • Registered name: Attention Seeker
  • Handler: Jo
  • DOB: 02.04.2008
  • Breed: Boarder Collie
  • Likes: Loves her ball and lots of fuss
  • Dislikes: Too many to name

Millie is a very loving and affectionate dog who is scared of her own shadow, she was re-homed at 18-months and now lives with two other dogs. Previously she lived on a farm and had never been put on a lead and wan’t very sociable. Since starting agility Millie has improved with her confidence and is starting to be happy being around other dogs.


  • Registered name: Phoenix of the Magpies
  • Handler: Elaine
  • DOB: 31.03.2004
  • Breed: Jack Russell x Border Collie
  • Likes: Balls, balls, balls and more balls!
  • Dislikes: Any other dog that takes up his spot on the sofa (next to his Mum)

I know we all say it but he is THE dog in a million.



  • Registered name: Accio Blue of the Magpies
  • Handler: Colin
  • DOB: 28.06.2009
  • Breed: Border Terrier
  • Likes: Anything edible or tasty, although not necessarily in that order
  • Dislikes: He’s a Border Terrier – where shall we start?

Blue is very affectionate he loves cuddles and especially loves meal times.


  • Registered name: JJ’s Easter Surprise
  • Handler: Richard/Janet
  • DOB: 28.03.2005
  • Breed: WSD
  • Likes: Chasing Misty
  • Dislikes: Being groomed or dried

Peta could have been a fantastic agility dog, but was unfortunately born with  damaged disc. Now she enjoys being a spoilt pet.



  • Registered name: Duchess of Albany’s Beauty
  • Handler: Richard/Janet
  • DOB: 22.10.2008
  • Breed: Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)
  • Likes: Laps, cuddles and chasing Peta
  • Dislikes: Agility(!)

Misty does agility to please me and Janet, and is actually quite good at it when she puts her mind to it!


  • Registered name: Auberswell Miss Elizabeth
  • Handler: Richard/Janet
  • DOB: 04.01.2011
  • Breed: Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)
  • Likes: Food
  • Dislikes: Going out in the car, although now travels well

Misty (also know as “The Bitch) is very noisy and likes to have the last word She is quite good at agility, if she puts her mind to it … There’s always hope!



  • Registered name: Nice One Maizy
  • Handler: Sarah
  • DOB: 03.01.2005
  • Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
  • Likes: Squeaking, playing tuggy, sleeping on my lap and jumping
  • Dislikes: Ted getting all the attention!


  • Registered name: N/A
  • Handler: Sarah
  • DOB: 15.09.2009
  • Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
  • Likes: Sleeping, eating, barking at other dogs and cuddles
  • Dislikes: Loud bangs and buses!